An effective marketing campaign requires many things, including great advertising copy and the use of many types of media
to get your message out there.

In today's competitive marketplace you can no longer neglect active marketing. MySlogan can assist with identifying and targeting your customer base, providing proven cost effective marketing strategies, as well as thinking outside the square to help you attract new clients to your business.

MySlogan can help you get the best from your marketing campaign by offering advice, copy writing, public relations and assistance working with online avenues such as Facebook and online blogs.

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marketing your business

In today's competitive market place you can no longer neglect active marketing. MySlogan offers all kinds of services to help you market your business, to grow your customer base and increase customers individual spend with you. We market your business with one goal in mind, results for you. We focus on three main aspects:

Your basic corporate image - does this match with who you are and what you do? Just as a solicitor would not use sunshine and teddybears on their promotional material & a child care centre would not use a copperplate sign, some businesses have an image that does not reflect the culture of their company. Do you maintain a level of consistency over all of your marketing material, do your business cards look like your signage, do they both match your website? A consistent corporate image which matches the culture of your company ensures increased brand recogtnition and imparts a level of professionality which inconsistency & poor image just cannot reach.

What your goals are - What do you want your marketing campaign to achieve? What is your budget & what is your expected return? A clear view of your goals from the outset helps to keep your marketing on track an helps you to avoid costly mistakes.

How we can help you to achieve those goals - MySlogan offers many services to help you achieve your marketing goals, from simple effective advice right through to a total rebrand with many small steps in between MySlogan can provide you with the strategies, products & services which will help you to achieve the goals you have set for your business.

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Poor copywriting can thwart even the most fantastically designed website or advertisement. Copy should always be clear and consise as well as being suited to the medium you are using. If you take a half page advertisment in a magazine & fill it with text, most people won't bother reading it, same goes for the home page of your website, the information you want people to read must present the basic facts and invite them to read further if they wish.

Writing about yourself you your business can be hard to do, a lot of Australians don't like to 'blow their own trumpet', but this is often necessary when advertising or website copy is required. We recommend using the K.I.S.S. rule (keep it simple stupid), identifying key points and expanding if necessary on those.

Or you could call or email MySlogan, their staff have experience in writing copy for press advertisements & advertorials, websites, brochures and more.


Advertising in the media can be a costly exercise, get it right and the payoffs can be fantastic, get it wrong and you could end throwing good money after bad at advertising that not only is not working for you but may be damaging your brand in the long run.

An avenue which may work fantastically for one business may not work at all for their neighbour.

Effective advertising is not only about the design & copy in your advertisment, where your ad is appearing and who it is reaching are also paramount in attracting the customers you are looking for.

MySlogan can not only design & write the copy for your advertising material, we can also help you with media booking to ensure it is reaching the right audience and you are getting value for your advertising dollars.

Press releases are often overlooked by small businesses as an effective marketing tool, yet many publications are happy to print them particularly if they are written well & fit with the publication, of course this is yet another way MySlogan can help you.


Need more help with small business marketing? We can sit down with you and assist with analysing and highlighting the things that make your business unique, targeting your strengths and weaknesses and provide stragegies to effectively market your business.

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something else we can help you with? contact MySlogan today...
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