Whether you want to design an eye catching logo and corporate image, printed items such as business cards, press advertisements or other items such as websites, promotional materials, or signage talk to us.

MySlogan's experienced team, professional graphic designers have worked on many varied projects over the years,
from packaging to board games to school texts and online shops in areas of the industry as diverse as fashion, publishing, advertising,
real estate and of course printing.

With our extensive experience we can help you to not only realise your ideas but to exceed your expectations. Ensuring your message reaches it's target audience giving you value for your design & marketing dollar.

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corporate image & logo development

Corporate Image

Your corporate image is the face your business presents to to the world. A good corporate image allows potential and current customers to understand what you do, as well as identify with your brand.

Large corportions maintain a consistent image across all their marketing, from stationery, packaging, shop & vehicle signage, uniforms, promotional materials and even internal paperwork. This is done to enforce their brand.

The same applies to YOUR business, you want your customers to have a clear image of your company in mind from the initial contact through your paperwork, packaging and marketing materials.

This does not mean you keep using the exact same representation of your image across all media. You may decide to use a full colour version of your logo with a specific photograph in print or online but a single colour version of just the logo embroidered on your uniforms.

MySlogan focus on the big picture when developing your corporate image, creating an image for your business, incorporating logo development with other devices and elements such as taglines and secondary images providing you with a consistent look and feel which your customers will instantly recognise.

Logo Development

Your logo is the identifying mark of your business, it is meant to tell the world who you are. Many people make the mistake of wanting their logo to tell the world what it is they do, that is not a logo's job. While you certainly want your logo to be representative of your business, you also want it to be clear consise and instantly recognisable in order to tell people who you are rather than what you do. There are no running shoes in Nike's 'swoosh' logo yet through consistent branding and corporate image the whole world recognises the 'swoosh' as belonging to Nike.

When developing your logo it is important to get the look and feel of it right so that it will appeal to your target market and give some representation of who you are. It is important to consider how the logo will be used, and if it will work across a variety of applications. To find out more about what your logo should and shouldn't do or say check out our blog.

promotional materials

Flyers, brochures, catalogues, information booklets a website every business uses some form of promotional material to get their message across. But, what to use & when? The team at MySlogan can help you by designing eye catching promotional items for your business which will assist in promoting your products and services to your target market, as well as givinging you the most value for your marketing dollar.

press advertisements

Advertising in the media can be an expensive undertaking for a small business, with no guarantee of a return. Make sure you have an ad that people will see, look at and want to read. What is the point in paying hundreds perhaps even thousands of dollars on advertising space if you wind up placing an ad that nobody looks at? A lot of places will offer to do the artwork for your ad when you buy the space, but how good is their art department, do they understand your products and services, know who your target market is, and will their ad be consistent with your corporate image?

The art department staff at MySlogan have spent many years creating effective advertising for a range of clients and applications, they take the time to understand their clients needs and target markets. Consistent effective advertising that 'grabs' the reader is what MySlogan can offer all their clients.


Of course the items listed above are only a small selection of the materials you may need designed for your business. MySlogan can also assist you with signage for your shop and vehicle, stickers, t-shirts, P.O.S. materials, rubber stamps, invoice and quote books, packaging, instruction manuals, product drawings and photography, presentation folders, book layouts, annual reports, note books and desk pads, fridge magnets, shopping bags, calendars and much more. We can also help you figure out which of these will be most useful for you and your budget.

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call us today for all your printing needs