missing something?

lost a piece of your marketing puzzle?

With all the the responsibilities involved in operating a business, getting all of your marketing strategies into a cohesive unit can sometimes appear difficult.  Like a jigsaw, making all the pieces of your marketing puzzle interlock perfectly to achieve a bigger picture can seem difficult with a piece missing. However, just like a jigsaw puzzle the missing piece is usually not so difficult to find, if you know how & where to look.

identifying the missing piece?

A clear headed look at your businesses marketing strategy can often help you to identify what is missing and from which part of the overall picture. Take a look at your business marketing strategy, does your business have/do the following:

• Is your corporate image consistent?
Is your corporate image displayed consistently across all of your material?  A consistent corporate image helps your customers & potential customers identify your business at a glance. If your corporate image is displayed differently across your website, signage, flyers and newspaper advertising you are not taking full advantage of your marketing strategies. Brand repetition helps brand recognition, the more consistent your approach the more likely this recognition is to occur.

• Do you utilise all available options?
Do you have a database of all your customers? And if so, do you use it?
Repeat business is the easiest way to increase your cash flow.  Your database is a list of proven customers who already know and love your product or service.  Are you communicating with them regularly?  Do you follow up any service provided with a call or email after a few weeks?  Are you open to feedback from your customer base?  The easiest way to find out is to communicate, communicate & then communicate some more.  Chances are you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.

• Do you distribute flyers?
Flyers are an easy way to get your business out there.  If you have printed flyers, where, when & how do you use them?
Fantastic for mail drops, people often forget that there are many other ways to distribute printed advertising material.  Make sure you pop a copy of your latest flyer in with any sold items, it is also a great idea to include one with invoices or statements when they are sent out (remember these are existing customers, who already like to buy from you).  Why not take some flyers and stands around to local complimentary businesses (obviously not the opposition) and ask if you can put some on their counter, perhaps you could do the same for them.
Remember flyers do not have to be full colour printed on an expensive stock, you could use coloured paper to make a simple black & white flyer 'pop'.  If you are worried about the cost consider approaching a complimentary business nearby about using one side of the flyer each to save on print costs, this works well with businesses such as a hairdresser + a beautician, a butcher + a baker, you are never going to step on each others toes with a pairing like this and the cross promotion can help both companies.

we can help you find the missing pieces of your puzzle.

Call myslogan today, with our extensive experience we can help you to not only realise your ideas but to exceed your expectations.  Ensuring your message reaches its target audience giving you value for your marketing dollar.

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