Tempting as is to sit at your personal computer and produce your own marketing material it is now more important than ever to engage a professional when marketing your business. A professional corporate image is paramount and the team at MySlogan can get you and your business on its way.
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does something feel familiar?

You may already know MySlogan's outgoing and bubbly Director, Alison Logan.

Since 1997 Alison has been producing sales and marketing material, from business cards, brochures and invoice books to websites and advertising campaigns for national brands. Since 2008 Alison has been providing these services to the Wide Bay area under the name Alison Murphy Design. Now, with Alison marrying local real estate agent Shane Logan, and the business undergoing substantial growth over the last two years, she is entering an exciting new era, expanding services, bringing in extra staff and re-branding the business to MySlogan.

With Alison having over a decade of experience in the industry, the search for a staff member who could bring something fresh and exciting to the business was a duanting task. Says Alison, "The requirement for someone who not only has the creative genius required but is also incredibly computer savvy is not an easy one to meet.

"After over a decade in the industry, I have made many contacts, six months ago I requested expressions of interest from designers far and wide in order to find the very best talent available."

"I was not surprised to find that the opportunity to relocate to our beautiful region was the driving force behind the many applications we received."

"In the end the stand-out applicant was my former colleague, Colleen Sharp, who has diverse industry experience having spent the last 21 years as a graphic designer in fields varying from print, fashion, advertising and publishing.... We are incredibly excited to have someone with such a varied background join our team"

A chat with Colleen confirms everything Alison has to say about her new art director's experience and brings to light what MySlogan can offer you. "Some people have an idea of what they want their brand to look like and there are others who don't," says Colleen.

"What we can help all our clients with is creating something diverse and dynamic that not only meets, but exceeds expectation." Among the brochures, flyers, business networking organisation and other campaign advice, MySlogan develops websites for their clients and explains their proposed strategies without confusing jargon with clearly outlined costs to ensure their clients know exactly where their business is at.

"It's about saturating the business place and using consistent advertising, copy and design in the media," Colleen said. "We help our clients get the best from their advertising by offering advice, copy writing, public relations and assistance with the many emerging online avenues now available."

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